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Quantum healing is a Transformation of Consciousness. A method that is not only educational but very simple and practical. It teaches the student to facilitate the possibility of transformation and healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

You can aply it on yourselv, others and at distance.


The method is very simple and really for anyone who wants to access their true Power. Doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists, housewives, lawyers, engineers and even children. No previous knowledge is needed to become a facilitator of TQC Quantum Healing®.


Professionals who work in the health area will have in their hands an excellent working tool and ordinary people will be able to use the method on themselves and their friends, significantly improving the quality of their lives.


Since 2011 this method that was founded by Silvana da Cunha has made it possible to facilitate cure in cases where the medicine itself had already found its limits.  



"The moment is of being what we know. Science, speaking the same language as spirituality. Checkmate in the mind." ~ Silvana da Cunha

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