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A little about myself

Silvana da Cunha, born in 1962, lived 26 years in Europe, 19 of them in Germany, where she graduated as a Holistic Therapist. In his walk Silvana da Cunha had the opportunity to learn in renowned schools and great authorities in the areas of human, scientific and spiritual masters. As the names listed below.


Since 2009 she has returned to Brazil bringing innovative information that facilitates our access to the here and now and the truth of our BEING, personal development and the expansion of consciousness.

She linked her learning to spiritual, scientific, quantum physics, and shamanic roots. which makes their work interesting, profound innovative and efficient.


"The information has been on the planet for millennia, what we lack and that we make the experience of what we know!

My specialty is to help you go from knowing to Being "

Silvana da Cunha


Silvana da Cunha was the first to officially offer Reconnective Healing in Brazil and as an international assistant professor of Eric Pearl, she also helped bring Reconnection to Brazil.


Coach of Deeksha (University of Unity), brought this phenomenon of the supreme Light, of world repercussion that has helped the humanity to awaken, to Minas Gerais.


After her return to Brazil she developed the method of TQC Quantum Cure (Quantum Transformation of Consciousness) where science and spirituality speak the same language, a method that teaches us how to facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

His students leave the courses reporting that they have facilitated quantum cures, and also experience a major transformation in their lives by accessing their true Power.


Today the TQC Quantum Healing method is only offered ONLINE by Silvana da Cunha that also offers deepening courses and access to your true Power in person.


Personally oriented psychotherapy - Albert Personal - USA


Family system - Bert Hellinger - Germany

Ridhwan School - Diamond Approach to Self-Realization - A.H. Almaas - USA

The Reconnection - Eric Pearl - USA

Deep relaxation field - Clif Sanderson - New Zealand

Quantum Consciousness Transformation - Andrew Blake - Germany

The work of Byron Katie - USA

Sufism - Adnan Sarhan - USA

Personal Coach - CITA - Healing through movements - Germany

www.cita de

Trainer and donor from Deeksha - Oneness University - India

Kashmir tantra - Daniel Odier - France

Ayurvedic Massage - Swami Yog-Anandi Bharari - India

Shiatsu - European Shiatsu Institute- - Germany

Mirror Body System - Martin Brofman - USA

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